Postcolonial BNW

I believe Huxley’s is truly a post-colonist. He concentrates on a colonizer descending into the culture he is trying to colonize. Huxley then shows the steady decline from the colonizer as a civilized person into a helpless being in a non-colonized. “Oh brave new world that has such people in it.” shows how satisfied he is with this new world he colonized or created. I don’t think anyone would feel some type of way towards this novel. After all the book is a fiction, meaning the author expressed his own thoughts through his publication.

Critical Essay on Morrison’s Sula

In this article literature professionals argue on how the satire used in Toni Morrision’s Sula could be interpreted. While one author interpreted the novel to come off as “reductive” and “cliched”, others saw it as “social” and “moral”. The article begins giving the reductive side of the binary thinking. It then lightens up to portray the moral aspect of the novel. Authors often referred to the “nigger joke” that starts off the novel as their reasoning to there opinionated thinking. The purpose of the work was to question the concept of good and evil.

The purpose of this work was clearly expressed. With every statement came an example to reason with that comment. I didn’t really comprehend the beginning of Mrs. Bergenholtz article because of the sophisticated word choice, but as I found more simpler synonyms it became more clear. I think it also contained too much information. The definition of satire should have been touched to give the readers her explanation of the word, but I thought there were some information that wouldn’t harm the article if it wasn’t mentioned. The organization of this article also contributed to the role play of the purpose. It started of with what people mistaken the meaning to mean, than enlightened the readers of how Morrision intended to direct the meaning.

Introduction !

The name is Chinedu (chin-na-do). I am currently a senior attending Riverdale High School. My junior year I was apart of the top 10% of our graduating class. As you can see I take my academics very seriously. Over my high school career I took the challenges of two honors, and 6 AP classes. I am a student first, and an athlete second. My standards for myself are pretty high.

I expect a challenge from this course being that it is a college level course.  Me, being an A&B Honor Roll student, I expect nothing less than a A or B in this class. After I receive a high school diploma, my plans are to go to college off a football scholarship. From there I’d like to take advantage of that scholarship to study and major in Biology.